Combating Air Pollutants, Purifying And Changing

The Environment For A Better Future

Who we are

Filtech Group, a well-known in leading the industry for manufacturing, developing and providing air filtration equipment as well as clean air solutions. With more than 20 years of experience and breathroughs, Filtech stands proven as a dependable producer and developer of highly effective air filtration equipment and clean air solutions. Our mission – to deliver clean, health-worthy air.

Creating Clean Air Solutions For A Sustainable Future

At Filtech, we believe that we all deserve a healthier environment and better quality of life. This is why we work constantly to continue to create and innovate our highly effective clean air solutions. Clean Air. Our Future.

Core Values

Our core values drive our performance and are central to our client servicing strategy.

  • Innovation

    We continually challenge ourselves to explore new and better ways to deliver the best-fit products and solutions so that our customers can realise their vision. We believe that innovation will position us ahead in the market.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Every customer is treated with respect. Meeting their needs remain our highest priority. At Filtech we work to understand each need, recommend the best solution, and ensure fulfilment of requirements.

  • Commitment

    We are passionate about providing the best products and solutions to our customers. Our priority is to serve our customers and help them purify their environment to improve their quality of life.

  • Reliability

    WeWe will deliver what we promise to our customers in our ultimate mission to find efficient solutions to help them find the best remedy to combat air pollution.

  • Excellence

    From inception to delivery, there is only one prevailing attitude – Excellence.

  • Teamwork

    There is one common goal in Filtech – to establish Filtech as a respected leader in the clean air solutions industry. Every employee is an important member of our team where accountability, integrity and unity are non-negotiable standards.

our FOCUS on customers

Filtech strives to exceed beyond our customer expectation. Filtech strives hard to deliver reliable and superior services to our customers. We are aiming and believe in providing quality, reliable, innovative and value products and services that lead the industry. We pledge we will continue improving our products, and to ensure our products are aptly fulfilled in meeting our customer’s expectation and needs.

Through providing cost effective and appropriate solutions to customers, we position ourselves as a technical and solution provider in air filtration and indoor air quality fields to our customers.

Our Skills


We appreciate every customer.

“We Aim To Be A Leader, Always.”